ellipsis… literature & art is the annual literary journal published by the students of Westminster College since 1965. We sponsor a yearly poetry contest judged this year by Andrea Holander. All accepted poems are eligible  Past judges include James Galvin, Nance Van Winckel, and David Gewanter. Contributors include well-known writers, up-and-coming writers, and never-before-published writers.
We accept English language submissions in poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and art. Our submission period is August 1 through November 1 for poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. We accept art submissions from August 1 through February 9. Please read the guidelines for each genre below.

Please include a cover letter with a brief contributor’s note with the following: your address, telephone number, and email address.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome but withdraw your submission immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We pay our contributors $10 for each poetry or art piece and $50 for each prose piece, plus two free copies of the issue. If you would prefer copies in lieu of payment, please let us know. Additional copies of the issue in which you appear can be purchased at a discounted price.

Submissions cannot be accepted via email.


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2013-2014 Staff
Ashley Rackl, Editor-in-Chief.
Willy Palomo, Managing Editor.
Kimberly Fallis, Megan Jayme, Domingo Madrigal, Hilary Forbush, Prose Editors.
Jordyn Page and Jack Wilkinson, Poetry Editors.
Karly Anderson, Production Editor and Art Editor.